Plan 2 Build - Design Process

Set out below are the design stages before building work can commence:

1. Initial consultation- we will visit you at your home or on site to discuss your proposals. This initial visit is FREE.

2. Measured survey- A survey will enable us to draw an accurate representation of your home and/or plot.

3. Preparation of draft drawings- These drawings detail the existing property as well as the proposals, both in plan form and in elevation. We also have 3D sketching tools if required.

4. Client feedback- If you require any changes before the drawings are completed and submitted now is the time.

5. Planning deals with the aesthetics and siting of your proposals for further details see Planning page. We will make all the relevant applications and representations for Planning on your behalf.

6. Building Regulations Approval ensures good building practices and workmanship. This is a two-stage process for more detailed information see Building Control page.